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Choosing the right Bar Review course is the single most important decision you will make on your journey to become a lawyer.

You will be spending hundreds of hours studying with it, so it’s crucial to find the one that best fits your learning style and background.

So here’s the good news – We have personally reviewed every major Bar exam prep course on the market so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you figure out which online course best fit your needs.


Bar Exam Prep Course Comparisons

Bar Review






COMPANYBarMaxKaplan Bar ReviewAdaptiBarThemis Bar ReviewBarBri
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 N/A $1,695$1,400 – $3,895

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 $2,645 N/A$1,695$2,995

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Included in State CoursesIncluded in State Courses
 1580 Real MBE Questions 4,000 exam-like MBE Questions1,730  2,500 MBE Questions 2,000 MBE Questions
GUARANTEEMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeFree Retake if you FailFree Retake if you Fail
FORMAT Online Comprehensive On-DemandOnline  Comprehensive On-Demand Live Online
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BarMax (Rank: #1)


Flexibility: While BarMax is now also available online, having access to stacks of books through the app makes this course the easiest to use on the fly or whenever you have a spare moment to study. Studying for the bar exam is almost fun when you can do it on your iPhone or iPad at the coffee shop, gym, or beach. Internet access is not required to access content through the BarMax app, and you don’t have to waste time driving to class.
Price: At $1,000, BarMax Bar Exam Review’s comprehensive state course price is much lower than the industry average. The price includes lifetime access to audio lectures from Harvard Law alumni, such as the legendary Arthur Miller, corresponding black-letter law outlines, and flashcards. There’s more than 1,500 real multiple-choice questions (MBEs), real practice essays, real performance test (PT) questions, personalized writing revisions, analytics and customer support by phone, email and in-app message boards. This is an incredible value.
Study Planner:BarMax provides a recommended study calendar that sets forth daily assignments and a clear overview of the material, including how much you will need to study. The calendar suggests a more reasonable study plan of 15-25 hours per week for 12 weeks. This efficiency is unparalleled. Additionally, since BarMax is the only bar review course to offer instant and lifetime access, it is an amazing option for students who would like to get started with bar prep sooner—a great idea if you are working full-time or are an international student.
0% Financing:BarMax also offers 0% financing, which allows you to get immediate access to any BarMax course and split the purchase into budget friendly 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments. BarMax also offers a public interest discount for students pursuing careers in public interest law.


Kaplan Bar Review (Rank: #2)


Fully Comprehensive:Kaplan’s Complete Bar Review Course contains a large amount of resources and is available in just about every state. With this course students have access to unlimited essay grading, live lectures (in-person, or live-online, and on-demand), full-length simulated exams with review, a final countdown study plan, and 4,000 exam-like MBE questions.
Structured Program: Their course has a clear outline and helps students stay on track. The overall structure of their program includes approximately 7 days of MBE prep, up to 36 days of comprehensive subject review (varies by state), 4 to 5 days of simulated exam preparation for each part of that state’s exam, and about 2 weeks (varies by student) for a final countdown study plan with highly tailored assignments.
Flexibility: Kaplan not only provides their complete course in most states, but students have the option to attend course lectures either in-person or live online from the comfort of wherever. In addition all students will have access to their 24/7 Online lecture Library where they can review the course lectures on-demand. They also have a mobile app and through it users can access some of their bar review course materials on the go.
Price: This is going to be one of the more expensive options depending on which state you plan on studying for, but as you can see it comes with a ton of material. Prices for the Complete Bar Review Course range anywhere from the more affordable $1,895 in some states, up to around $3,600 in others.


AdaptiBar (Rank: #3)


Authentic Study Materials: All of AdaptiBar’s practice questions are licensed questions that have been released from past bar exams. By practicing with authentic MBE questions (instead of simulated questions written by test prep companies) you’ll be better prepared for the questions you will see on the actual MBE exam. AdaptiBar offers more than 1,700 MBE practice questions, giving students a lot of first-rate practice material at an affordable price.
Technology Adapts to You: AdaptiBar’s software automatically adapts questions to your ability level based on your performance. In the Practice Questions mode, students are presented with certain types of questions until they consistently perform well on that particular type. The Past Performance Table tracks how many questions have been answered and calculates the accuracy of your answers, so you’ll be able to target and improve on your weaker areas.
Restricted to MBE Exam: Students looking for a comprehensive review course to help them cover all the material on the bar exam will be disappointed, as AdaptiBar focuses exclusively on the MBE portion of the exam. As a result, AdaptiBar is most effective when used as a supplement to a more thorough review course.


Themis Bar Review (Rank: #4)


Price: Themis Bar Review provides a comprehensive program at a very reasonable price of $1,695 for all states. Included with the price students get video lectures and quizzes for each subject on the exam, simulated exams, over 2,500 MBE practice questions, unlimited essay grading, and 24/7 customer support.
Efficient Learning Modules: Their video lecture library is made up of shorter, more manageable 15-20 minute video segments. This can help students stay more engaged with their lessons and increase retention of study material. Themis allows students to learn at their own pace and in a very manageable format.
Availability: Themis’s course is currently available in 34 jurisdictions, so some student’s won’t be able to take full advantage of the course. That being said, for the states that they do offer a review for, students will receive a fully comprehensive course tailored to their state bar.


Barbri (Rank: #5)


Comprehensive: Barbri has been a big name in bar exam preparation for close to 50 years. They offer an in-depth review that includes live-online or in-person lectures, multiple outlines, online study materials with progress tracking, a mobile app, simulated exams, multiple workbooks, and essay feedback.
Available in All States: Something unique about Barbri is that they provide a full bar review course for every state. This is useful for students who would like to dive into a program that covers everything that they need to know, including the more state-specific material.
Price: Barbri may have the most experience with bar exam preparation, but they definitely make their students pay for it. No matter which state your studying for, Barbri is going to be one of the most expensive options. Their prices range from $1,400 up to $3,895 depending on which state you are preparing for.


Bar Exam Review Course Information

Top Bar Review Courses Strengths Practice Questions
BarMaxBest Overall1,580 Real MBE Questions
Kaplan Bar ReviewComprehensive Bar Exam Prep4,000 exam-like MBE Questions
Themis Bar ReviewEfficient Learning Modules 2,500 MBE Questions
BarBriAvailable In All States2,000 MBE Questions
AdaptiBarTechnology That Adapts To You1,730


When selecting a commercial bar prep course, students have more options that ever before. From the traditional full service course to online to iPad options. Summaries were provided by bar review companies. 

AdaptiGroup’s MBE Preparation Program & CA Baby Bar

Only AdaptiBar combines the complete database of licensed MBE questions from the NCBE and advanced, patented technology that automatically adapts to the bar examinee’s individual strengths and weaknesses. AdaptiBar supplements any comprehensive course. $395 per session. Baby Bar preparation program combines 100% licensed MBE questions and the same patented technology that adapts to your performance and adjusts to your studying needs.$295 per session. Also available, in addition to both programs, Smart Online Flashcards and Online Video

AmeriBar’s Comprehensive Bar Review Courses
AmeriBar offers self-study courses with comprehensive coverage of the essay, MBE, and MPT. Outline books, released questions and answers and online/iPod audio lectures and materials and phone support are provided. $795 to $2695

BARBRI Bar Review
The nation’s leading comprehensive bar review course for over 40 years with over 1 million students succeeding. BARBRI offers State-specific courses in all 50 jurisdictions through live/video classrooms, online and handheld devices. Tuition includes BARBRI AMP, online software.

BarMax CA
Harvard Law alumni teamed with top developers to create the only comprehensive CA and NY bar exam prep course (calendar, lectures, outlines, flashcards, REAL practice questions and personalized feedback) available for download in the Apple App Store. $999.99,

BarMax MBE
Harvard Law alumni teamed with top developers to create the only comprehensive MBE prep course (calendar, audio lectures, outlines, flashcards and 1,471 REAL previous MBE questions) available for download in the Apple App Store. $499.99


Barsecrets PowerLaw dashboard offers comprehensive self-study Bar Review programs suitable for any state. It works alone or as a supplement to any other program. The study tabs walk you through the entire process from scheduling through memorization. The power video tab contains concise audio/visual lectures for 18 subjects that get you up to speed quickly and efficiently. You also get our one-of –kind Proponics learning environment based on our schematic approach to the study of law, 140 model essays written by experts, two efficient approaches to performance tests, and multiple choice help. We provide personal tutoring, grading, guided study bar review programs, and other services for an additional charge. $99.

California Bar Edge Study Package
The California Bar Edge Study package is an all-inclusive online solution for California bar study. Includes streaming videos, outline reviews for each topic, 25 short answer questions and 5 essay questions with issues analysis and sample answers. $559.95

Celebration Bar Review
Since 1995, Celebration Bar Exam Review has provided the finest in personal home study bar review courses utilizing the latest developments in technology and educational practice. Our pass rates are consistently the highest in each jurisdiction. For California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Multistate and California FYLSE exams.  Also offers iBar, an iPad version and iPhone apps. Online Homestudy $795 to $1245; Mentored Courses $2495 to $7995; iPad $1995 to $7495; iPhone $599/module

Flemings Bar Review
Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law is a full service bar review and law school skills based provider. We offer comprehensive bar review courses, legal exam workshops, legal study materials, and private tutorial services to law students and bar review candidates in every stage of their legal education.  $2995 to $6400; Homestudy On-Line Course: $2995; CA Baby Bar Review: $575; CA Baby Bar Review Homestudy: $625; Legal Writing Workshop: $235; Legal Writing Workshop / Homestudy: $260

Kaplan Bar Review
Complete Bar Review in 44 jurisdictions which covers 95% of all bar takers nation wide. $1250 to $2550

Kaplan Bar Review Supplemental Bar Exam Preparation
You’ll learn how to apply your knowledge the way the bar tests it with: Exam-like MBE practice questions, unlimited essay grading, and a daily regimen that progressively tailors to improve your weakest areas. $299 to $1149

LLM Bar Exam
LLM Bar Exam bills itself as the first and only course designed specifically to prepare international LL.M. students. The company offers an all-inclusive course that comes with personal tutoring, more than 40 mandatory graded essays, early exposure sessions and a mini-review. The company claims that its bar pass rate is double that of all foreign-educated candidates. Tuition is $3,300 and comes with a money-back guarantee.

MyBarPrep was founded in 2001 to create a low-cost solution for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).  We give students outlines, flashcards, practice questions, and free unlimited tutoring via email. $199.99

Personal Bar Exam Prep
Small group workshops, live lectures and personalized feedback for the Califonia Bar Exam.

Pieper Bar Review
Pieper specializes in preparing students exclusively for the New York Bar Exam, teaching students the nuances of New York and MBE law in preparation for what many believe to be the country's most difficult bar exam. Since 1975, Pieper has developed an unparalleled reputation for excellence in the New York legal community. $3395; Early Start Home Study Program: $4495

Reed Law Group
Our law-related review courses offer performance-based, interactive learning techniques that can be applied to each law-related exam, making complex issues easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to apply during stressful and time-sensitive conditions. Three levels offered for full course, plus iPad and online options. Full course: $3495 to $12495; Online: $1295; iPad: 2995

Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE
The most trusted name in bar preparation now brings you Bootcamp for the MBE, an interactive web-training tool featuring Steve Emanuel's personal training methods, with instructional content and audio explanations.  $195.95

Supreme Bar Review
Why pay thousands of dollars for a traditional bar review course? Get complete bar review lectures for all of the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subjects, plus MPRE, at an affordable price right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. More than just a collection of flash cards or quiz questions, these apps truly put the subject in your pocket with three to six hours of lecture video, full outlines also complete mobile video courses.

Themis Bar Review
Comprehensive bar exam review course available in 29 jurisdictions at a price of $1,595. Themis features lectures broken into 20 minute chapters followed by assessment questions. Tuition includes personal attorney advisers, state directors and customer support standing by. Themis publishes their pass for every jurisdiction.


AmeriBar’s 1-On-1 Customized Bar Exam Tutoring
AmeriBar offers 1-On-1, customized, assignment-based phone tutoring focused on critical strategies and test-taking skills for all portions of the bar exam and includes access to online materials.  All tutoring has a prorated money back guarantee!
$1249 (for 6 sessions)

BAR EXAM TUTORS by Mary Campbell Gallagher
Personalized learning, for the MBE, the state bar exam essays, and the MPT. In-person in New York City or by telephone world-wide. Course includes 15 hours of coaching plus four-day Combo.

New Wave Law Services’ Catch the Wave
General bar review guidance and preparation. Specializing in assisting: Multiple Bar Takers, LL.M. Bar Candidates, All Multistate Bar Examinees

Books & Other Study Materials

Flemings Substantive Law Outlines/Audio
Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law is a full service bar review and law school skills based provider. We offer comprehensive bar review courses, legal exam workshops, legal study materials, and private tutorial services to law students and bar review candidates in every stage of their legal education.

Cheat-the-Bar is a completely unique MBE prep course that gives a test taking strategy that will dramatically increase your score by allowing you to take the MBE “in the flow,” accessing stored information in the subconscious easily and accurately.

Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT) by Mary Campbell Gallagher
Train to Finish the MPT in 90 Minutes "Like a SportTM" with 12 Actual MPT Tasks from the NCBE, plus 12 Answers and Analyses, by Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. Just released. For both the MPT and the California Performance Test. Dr. Gallagher's MPT-MatrixTM for noting all research on one piece of paper, plus four-step MPT system. See reviews and order on

Rigos Bar Exam Series
Dependable and affordable, the Rigos Bar Review Series makes studying for the bar exam easy by allowing you to choose the volumes most appropriate to your Bar Exam.
pricing varies by volume, $39.95 - $249.95

Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays by Mary Campbell Gallagher
In-depth Strategies and Essay-Writing Practice that Bar Review Courses Don't Offer, With 80 Actual State Bar Exam Questions and Answers, by Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. Dr. Gallagher's Under-Here-ThereforeTM Essay System and abundant practice on state bar questions. Students should sign up for two free chapters at

Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays by Mary Campbell Gallagher
CD Companion, with Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. Explanations and instruction for Dr. Gallagher's essay systems, to take with you running or in the car.

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE
More than 550 NCBE released questions per MBE subject with in-depth original author explanations. Revised to reflect the most recently-released MBE questions and up-to-date substantive rules.

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE 2
Includes all new NCBE questions and original MBE questions. A complement to Strategies and Tactics to the MBE or a standalone MBE resource (no overlap of questions)

Strategies and Tactics for the Finz Multistate Method (Multistate Bar Exam)
More than 1,100 author-created questions, written in the MBE style and format, and a 200-question practice test are included. Includes a section on breaking down MBE questions, recognizing legal issue, and avoiding examiners' traps.

Supreme Bar Review’s Bar Exam University
Offering comprehensive video lectures on MBE subjects and MPRE, at an affordable price. Complete outlines for each subject can be purchased in eBook format.
Individual MBE $19.97, Complete Outlines $24.95

Survival Series: Bar Exam Survival Kit
The Bar Exam Survival Kit contains 15 law charts, containing the essential checklists of legal issues, and shows you how to apply them to problem solving. The Kit also has a step-by-step approach to preparing for the exam and essay writing.  Written by BARBRI Professor Jeff Adachi.

Survival Series: Complete Bar Cards
Complete Bar Cards are flashcards specifically designed for the bar exam.  The cards are color coded, with illustrations and easy-to-memorize rules and "total recall" mnemonics.  Successfully used by thousands of students.  Includes all California bar subjects.

Survival Series: Bar Breaker
The Bar Breaker is a complete self-study course on passing the California Bar Exam's essay section.  The book contains over 100 bar questions and answers, with strategies and techniques, including the 6 Steps of Exam Writing, written by BARBRI professor Jeff Adachi.

Online or iPad

AdaptiGroup’s Smart Online Flashcards for the MBE
Access over 850 online flashcards that provide a thorough substantive review of every MBE subject. Review black-letter law, track your performance, and flag cards to revisit. Great for 1L and 2L final exam preparation, too! is a study supplement for the essay portion of the California Bar Exam, featuring a database of over 2,000 high and low scoring examples of prior California Bar Exam essays, model answers and essay reviews written by former official bar graders, and additional tools to pass the California Bar Exam.

Bar ExamEdge Mobile Applications
Six Multistate Bar Exam iPhone and iPod Touch apps offer a comprehensive set of questions and answers, with a Review Mode offering instant feedback and a Test Mode that randomizes questions and offers a timer to simulate test conditions.
$4.99 each

Bar Exam Study Materials

A collection of large-scale diagrams, flowcharts and outlines for bar exam preparation, provided by an attorney as a free service to law students.


Bar Study Schedule’s iPassBAR
iPassBAR creates your personal bar study schedule according to study preferences, time constraints, and exam dates.   It automatically adjusts the schedule based on your test results and proximity to the bar exam.
Free--we are beta testing the web-based version of our product and we are offering it during the test trials at no cost to students.

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