Second Grade Homework Packet Mrs


Every Monday your child will bring home a Choice Homework Board. On the board, there are various choices of homework for your child to complete that week.

He/she can choose 4 of the activities to complete for homework that week. They MUST complete at least 4 different activities. Please encourage them to complete more than 4 activities. The  bottom, middle square on each homework board MUST BE COMPLETED!

Students will have a week to complete the packet. Packets are due the following Monday. Please SIGNthe bottom of their homework page, initial each square and send the packet back to school.

*Please note that students must also read for 10-15 minutes each night. (Raz-Kids counts towards your child’s reading!) Please initial each night that your child reads on the homework packet. I felt that a homework packet would be much easier for you to manage at home. I know students are involved in various activities outside of school. The homework packet allows you to take advantage of those less busy nights.

Thank you,

                                               Mrs. Fritz 








Must Do




Spelling Menu

Read for 20 min




Varies by Week

Read for 20 min




Read for 20 min



Inferential Reading Comprehension Packet

Read for 20 min. Reading log due Fri.




As part of daily homework, students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night and record the book title and minutes read. Logs should be completed NEATLY with book titles spelled correctly. Students turn the logs in on Fridays. If your child misplaces his/her reading log, it is available below.


Reading Log



Monday Night Spelling:  Please go to the Spelling City website and complete at least one activity. Students will be coming home with a username and password for their personal account. 



Students will bring home a monthly spelling list comprised of "no excuse" second grade words. Each month, they will be tested on 30 words and expected to use them correctly in their daily writing.


If you have a smart device, the Spelling City app is listed in the iTunes store for free, and your child can log in and complete their homework here instead of on a computer.


If at any time your child is unable to complete the spelling activity on Spelling City, I expect them to choose and complete one of the following activities on the spelling menu in their homework folders. Homework will be marked as incomplete if an alternative assignment is not turned in.


Spelling Menu


1. Write 10+ words in interesting sentences, underlining spelling words. 

2. Write all words in ABC order.

3. Write 10+ words in a paragraph/story, underlining spelling words.

4. Write rhyming words for 10+ words.

5. Write all words with a crayon/marker/colored pencil.

6. Make a word search using at least 10 words and solve it.

7. Write synonyms for 10+ words.

8. Write the dictionary definition for 8+ words.

9. Stamp out all your words.

10. Divide all words into syllables by "clapping them out." You do not need to use a dictionary.

11. Create pencil pictures for 10+ words.

12. Write 10+ words in questions, underlining the spelling words.

13. Make up book titles using 10+ words, underlining the spelling words.

14. Use 10+ words (underlined) to write sentences that show onomatopoeia. (sound words like ding, chomp, drip etc.)

15. Use 10+ words (underlined) to write sentences that have similes. Use like or as. For example: He was as large as a hippo.

16. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences using a lot of adjectives (describing words).

17. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences that have proper nouns. (Disneyland, Brookside)

18. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences using a date (month, day, year) in each one.

19. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences where you have used a strong verb.

20. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences using quotation marks. 

21. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences where using a comma in a series. (blue, red, and yellow)

22. Have someone give you a practice test. Write the words you miss 3x each.

23. Create a fun new way to practice your spelling words. You need to be able to turn it into your teacher. 


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