Medical School Personal Statement Book

This classroom-in-a-book is filled with everything you need to know to write your Best personal statement, EVER! Learn how to: Write about your Best Key Features (Don't know what to write about? Follow 5 easy-to-use, straightforward guiding questions and prompts to discover your key content and Best Key Features!), Avoid Common Mistakes (Detailed examples show you the ones that students make all of the time, unintentionally undermining their competitive status. Plus, you will be shown the best ways to alter your writing to achieve the results you want - writing the statement that gets you in!), Take your first draft to your Best Shining Draft (This amazing case study will show you how to draft, craft, and hone your personal statement into glowing perfection!). Learn how you can Stand Up, Stand Out, and Shine!!! . . . And write your best personal statement, EVER! This book is included in video-book form along with printable workbook pages with your membership to The Best You PAL Academy at TheBestYouPALAcademy dot com. ***To learn more about what is inside this book, please see the accompanying images for the Intro pages.***

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Get into Medical School.  Write the Perfect Personal Statement. (UCAS Medicine). Effective techniques & over 100 examples of real successful personal statements.

Are you confused about how to start writing a personal statement for your UCAS medical school application?
Are you struggling to sell yourself?
Do you have difficulty describing why your academic achievements and personal experiences warrant you a place at medical school?

Written by experts in communication and medical recruitment, this book contains all the information you will need to write a powerful and memorable personal statement and maximise your chances of getting an interview for medical school. This book explains:

  • What medical school admissions tutors want.
  • How to plan and write your personal statement.
  • How to structure it and write with impact.
  • How to impress admissions tutors.

This book contains examples of over 100 real life successful personal statements from medical school applicants, with critiques to highlight particular strengths and weaknesses and details of medical schools that offered interviews to each candidate.  Clearly laid out and written in an informal and engaging style, this book is an essential read for A level, graduate entrants and Oxbridge medical school applicants, as well as a useful reference guide to school careers advisers.

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