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1 Personal Writing: The Memoir and the Personal Essay
The Glass castleAnd“This I Believe”

2 Personal WritingThe personal memoirThe personal essayFocused on an important relationship between the writer and a person, a place, or time in his/her lifeIt is defined as a sustained written meditation on an individual experienceFocused on a belief or insight about life that is important to the writerPersonal essays offer writers the unique opportunity to make sense of an experience in terms of how it reflects their beliefs

3 Activity: Read 2 Essays“My First Life Line” “Accomplishing Big Things in Small Pieces” Decide…personal memoir or personal essay?

4 Personal Essays vs. Transactive Essays
Communicates the significance of a belief or insight about life that has deep personal meaning to the writerPurpose is reflective, even if the tone sounds persuasiveDevelopment is based on the writer’s personal experiences or anecdotesWritten in the first personMore informal in tone, language and subject matterNot as likely a school writing assignmentCommunicates information to a reader who knows less than the writer; may try to persuade the reader to take action or believe a certain wayPurpose is more persuasiveDevelopment is based on research from credible sourcesWritten in third personMore issue-driven and formal in styleMore likely something you’ve already written in school

5 Activity Read one piece of writing from each column (a total of two)
2) Personal essay or Expository/Persuasive? Complete the sheet!“A-Rod, Baseball and Honesty”“Returning to What’s Natural”OR“Surveillance: Snowden Doesn’t Rise to Traitor”“Finding the Flexibility to Survive”

6 The Personal Essay The best personal essays will…
be focused on a single belieftell a story to demonstrate that personal beliefbe reflective, not persuasivebe written in the first personbe conversational in toneI Will Take My Voice BackBe Cool to the Pizza Dude

7 Powerful leads for your “This I Believe” essay
STRATEGIESEXAMPLESAsk a questionStart with a quotation from someone famous or significant in your life“When was the last time you went without a meal?”“Be careful were the last words my father said to me each time I left the house.”

8 More “hooks”STRATEGIESEXAMPLESStrong statement (that your essay will either support or dispute)Metaphor“If you eat enough cabbage, you’ll never get cancer.”“The starlings in my back yard are the small boys in the playground, impressing each other with their new-found swear words.”

9 Starting with “I believe…”

10 Final Draft RemindersBe sure your essay is about you and the events of your life.While the idea for this essay must be personal, make the frame big enough to allow your readers to find connections between your life and theirs.Move always from the general to the specific by using concrete details.Employ the senses — sight, sound, taste, touch, and hearing – to show and not simply tell.Make sure, after all the idea development, that your readers can summarize your belief — don’t let your essay become all story and no big idea!

11 And remember… Use descriptive, specific details: show, don’t tell
Have an identifiable world view or beliefVoice: keep it conversational and captivatingWrite in the first personWord choice: your voice will be captivating and your writing interesting if you think about the words you use – precision is power

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