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I applied through a staffing agency. I interviewed at IMA Consulting (Chadds Ford, PA).


Reading the reviews below me, I don't feel as bad now not getting the job. The major problem I do have with this company is that they loved my resume. (I thought) This is what they kept telling me during my interview. I was first called for a phone screening. I was told I would hear back if they were interested. They called me again the same night regarding my references before I even had the face to face interview. I thought it was strange because the face interview usually comes first before the references. I was sent a link to provide at least five references which I did. All of my references filled out the survey then my interview followed. I was asked for multiple copies of my resume plus to consent to a background check. Well, I know my background panned out, my references were great, my resume is great, all went well until I was notified that I didn't get the position. I'm like huh?
So I give you my references to be contacted and fill out an assessment, I provide copies of my resume, I arrive to my interview on time and professional but I don't get an offer? Very strange and unprofessional to say the least. I would never apply to this company ever again and I would tell everyone else who asked me about this company the same.

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IMA Consulting 2018-01-30 14:50 PST

Crude Oil Inventory

The global oil market has been tightening as excess crude inventory built up over the past several years disappears.  Here's how the International Energy Agency sees the situation in its February oil market report.

“It is clear that strong demand growth in 2017, alongside a modest increase last year in non-OPEC output, and the cuts made by leading producers, has contributed to the extraordinarily rapid fall in OECD oil stocks. A year ago, they were 264 mb above the five-year average and now they are only 52 mb in excess of it, with stocks of oil products actually below the benchmark.”

Anecdotal information from SE Asia supports the view that crude stocks are falling.  Recent data indicate that 15 VLCCs are currently being employed for storage offshore Singapore/Malaysia, around half the number of storage VLCCs in mid-2017.  Land storage tanks in the region also have greater availability. 

The weekly inventory survey by the US Energy Information Administration also shows a 21% decline in US crude inventory over the past eleven months -- from 535 million bbls at the end of March 2017 to 424 million bbls as of 23 February 2018 (excluding stocks in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve).   

While the level of US crude inventory has increased slightly over the past five weeks, this appears to be a seasonal response to increased refinery maintenance and lower refinery utilization.  US refineries operated at 87.8% of their operable capacity in the week ending 23 February vs. an average of 91% over the previous 12 months.   According to the EIA "U.S. crude oil inventories are in the lower half of the average range for this time of year." 

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International Maritime Associates, Inc.

3131 Connecticut Ave NW #2115
Washington D.C. 20008 USA

About Jim McCaul

Jim is the founder and manager of IMA, a consulting firm providing market analysis, competitive benchmarking and business planning support in the maritime and offshore sectors. Over the past 40 years IMA has performed more than 350 business consulting assignments for 170+ clients in 40+ countries.

One of the firm’s specialties is analyzing requirements for floating production systems. IMA has published more than 60 reports since 1996 analyzing this business sector and has been engaged by numerous clients to assist in analyzing specific market opportunities in the floating production sector.

Jim is also the co-founder of IMA/World Energy Reports, a New York based business intelligence service for the floating production supply chain.

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