Ashford Mat 222 Week 1 Assignment 1

For our first discussion I was asked to work two rational expressions and find their domain . Because we are to work the expressions that coordinate with the first letter of our first name, I will be working the rational expressions for the letter “K” which are; x 2 -36/3x and 7w – 2/ 16w 2 -1. The domain of a rational equation is the set of all real numbers for which the equation that is acting as the denominator does not equal zero. We cannot have zero as a denominator because we cannot divide zero into our numerator, hence, division by zero is “undefined”. Since I am only working with the denominator and not the numerator, I will show my work for only the denominators. #1 x 2 – 36 rational expression 3x This first expression was a bit tricky for me, and I am still not sure. The excluded value for the domain is 0 (zero). So my variables X can all real numbers ≠ 0. I believe that this expression, written in set notation would look like (−∞,0) U (0,∞), or we can say x≠0. #2

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