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University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor)


Charles William Gordon fonds


1883-1937, 1948, 1982


6.25 m of textual records. -- 81 photographs. -- 58 postcards. (49 boxes)

MSS 56, PC 76



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Biography of Charles William Gordon

Charles William Gordon was born September 13, 1860, in Indian Lands, Glengarry County, Ontario. He was one of seven children born to a Presbyterian minister, Donald (Daniel) Gordon, and to Mary Robertson Gordon. Both of his parents possessed outstanding abilities. Donald Gordon was an eloquent and passionate preacher of the Free Church of Scotland. He served as a missionary, first in the eastern townships of Quebec, and later in Glengarry County, Ontario. Charles Gordon's mother, Mary Robertson Gordon, came from a well known Sherbrooke, Quebec family. For a woman of her time, she received unusual opportunities. She was educated at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, and at one time was invited to become its Principal. She refused the invitation in order to marry Donald Gordon. Charles Gordon's family included five brothers and one sister. Three of his brothers, Gilbert, Andrew, and Robertson achieved professional success in other fields. Dr. Andrew R. Gordon was a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, while Dr. Gilbert Gordon became a prominent physician and professor of medical studies. The eldest brother, J. Robertson Gordon was a mining engineer involved with mining in the dominion lands.

The inspiration for Charles Gordon's life of service came from the example set by his parents. He never lost his faith in the beliefs, attitudes and values they passed on to him. Those values were embodied both in the way Gordon lived his life and in the twenty-six novels he penned between 1899 and 1937. Gordon received his primary schooling in Glengarry County and attended high school at St. Mary's in Harrington, Ontario. In 1883, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts. His postgraduate studies included a year at New College, Edinburgh University, and a year of theological training at Knox College, University of Toronto.

When Charles Gordon completed his postgraduate schooling he was faced with a decision about the direction he wished his career to take. He seriously considered foreign mission work but instead was inspired by the Superintendent of the Presbyterian Home Mission Committee, the Rev. Dr. James Robertson, to apply his talents to the people of his own land. Gordon later memorialized Dr. Robertson in his novel entitled The Superintendent . Between 1890 and 1894, Gordon's dedication to home mission work involved extensive travel to newly established homesteads, work with the men and families of mining camps, an appointment as a special commissioner representing Canadian Home Mission interests in Scotland, and a year as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary.

It was a result of his dedication to the Home Mission cause that Charles Gordon began his literary career. In an attempt to raise public awareness and money in Eastern Canada for the support of the Presbyterian Home Mission Committee, Gordon wrote a fictionalized account of life in the northwest. He received instant popularity and success with these inspiring and exciting romances about life in western Canada. Even his pen name, Ralph Connor, was originally intended to reflect his purpose of supporting the Home Missions. According to Gordon, he instructed the editor of The Westminster to sign his story "Cannor", and abbreviation of "Canadian Northwest". A telegraph operator, not recognizing "Cannor", misspelled the name as "Connor", the name which consequently reached the editor. Eventually Gordon's story about life in the Northwest turned into a series of articles that was later published in novel form as Black Rock . Hundreds of thousands of copies of this novel have been published and enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Gordon's subsequent work, The Sky Pilot , enjoyed an even greater response, and the reputation of "Ralph Connor" was launched.

Several novels followed the 1899 publication of The Sky Pilot , perhaps the most memorable of Gordon's works. They included Glengarry School Days and The Man from Glengarry ; The Superintendent ; The Prospector ; The Doctor ; and The Foreigner . By this time, "Ralph Connor" was virtually a household work. The years between 1988 and 1914 were prolific for Gordon as an author, resulting in the publication of his most important books and in high book sales. Gordon's appeal lay not only in his clear and descriptive depictions of western Canada, but in the religious and personal overtones of his novels. He believed this appealed to a Christian population that was unused to reading popular, romantic fiction.

Despite Gordon's literary success, he considered himself primarily a Christian minister and maintained a detached attitude towards his career as a novelist. In 1894, he was asked by the Rev. Dr. James Robertson to resign his position as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary and to take charge of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church in downtown Winnipeg. In the last decade of the nineteenth century, Western Canada experienced a massive population growth. By 1891, Winnipeg was Canada's third largest city with a rapidly expanding immigrant population. Robertson felt that urban centres such as Winnipeg were in greater need of Christian influence than even the frontier regions of Canada's western lands and he saw Gordon as being perfectly suited to the job. Charles Gordon remained as minister of St. Stephen's until his retirement in 1924. It was also in Winnipeg that he met his wife, Helen King, daughter of the first Principal of Manitoba College, the Rev. John M. King.

Gordon's initial political involvement was an outgrowth of his home mission work where he became deeply involved in the problems of immigration and settlement. Gordon's concern for Sabbath observance, the separate school controversy, and the campaign against "liquor interests" in Manitoba occupied a great deal of his time in the early part of the century. He was alternately quoted and censured in the Winnipeg press for his outspokenness and opinions. In 1910 he accepted the presidency of the Social Service Council of Manitoba, an organization which sustained the campaign against alcohol and made temperance an issue in several provincial elections. In 1908, Gordon was appointed Convener of the Social Service Committee of the Presbyterian Church, and sustained a myriad of duties involving investigation of social questions including health, housing, and crime.

Gordon was also involved in the mediation of industrial disputes and labour problems. He was approached to either chair or serve on several Boards of Conciliation and Investigation established under the Industrial Disputes Act of 1907. While explicitly avoiding the contentious practice of arbitration, Gordon attempted, through negotiation and a "common sense" approach, to mediate in industrial disputes with varying degrees of success.

The onset of World War I irrevocably altered the life of Gordon, the staunch patriot and imperialist. At the age of fifty-four, duty-bound, he enlisted and went overseas as Chaplain of the 43rd Cameron Highlanders. Eventually Gordon was appointed senior chaplain to the Canadian Armed Forces in England and in France. Although he himself escaped injury, Gordon witnessed the death of several of his friends and fellow parishioners, including his long-time friend and financial advisor, Colonel R.M. Thomson. Apart from personal loss at the death of Thomson, Gordon suffered the loss of a large portion of his estate and ended up in debt due to the manner in which his estate was inextricably tied up with Thomson's. Gordon bore the financial loss with apparent stoicism and charity, and forbade family members to discuss it.

In 1916, Gordon was recalled to Canada and appointed by both the British and Canadian governments to represent the Allied cause to the United States in a speaking tour. A memorable feature of the tour was his meeting with Woodrow Wilson, whom he criticized for the callousness and selfishness of his neutrality. Wilson however, appeared to respond cordially and patiently to Gordon's presentation. Gordon was received enthusiastically by the American public and business leaders, including the former Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, for the remainder of his tour.

Gordon celebrated the coming of peace in November of 1918 with prayers of gratitude, contemplating what role Canada and organized religion could play in rebuilding the war-torn world. Once an enthusiastic patriot and supporter of the Allied cause, Gordon's views were profoundly changed by war. He became a virtual pacifist, dedicating much of his interest to the League of Nations and openly opposing war in the 1930's. He was especially interested in the role the Christian churches might play in promoting world peace, but after a few years he lost faith in the ability of a divided ecclesiastical community to make a productive and unified contribution. He was greatly disturbed by the failure of the league of Nations to promote pace and goodwill among nation, and by the development of the league into a form, as he saw it, for diplomatic manoeuvring. Gordon criticized the League in the 1930's for abandoning its original moral role was conceived by its founder, Woodrow Wilson.

In Canada, Gordon supported the postwar movement toward church union. In 1922, he was appointed Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, an appointment coincidental with a renewed campaign for the union of the Presbyterian, Congregational, and Methodist Churches. This long and sometimes bitter unification campaign threatened to divide, more than unite, the churches and at one point resulted in a vocal anti-church-union movement which attempted to legally halt the proceedings of church union. During his national speaking tour as Moderator, Gordon, with Dr. James Endicott of the Methodist Church, travelled across the county speaking on behalf of church union. Church union eventually became a fact, but not until 1925.

During these long years, Gordon found time to resume his writing career, often in the seclusion of Brikencraig, the family's Lake of the Woods cottage. In 1917, Gordon published The Major followed by Treading the Winepress , The Runner , The Arm of Gold , Torches Through the Bush , The Friendly Four , and He Dwelt Among Us . He found, however, that the market for his works had declined and that public tastes had changed. While he continued to publish, book sales declined and were negatively affected by the economic conditions of the late 1920's and early 1930's. While "Ralph Connor" continued to be popular, his glory days were over. Come the 1930's, Gordon changed his emphasis from romantic fiction to an interest in real life social and economic conditions. Consequently he wrote a series of articles on the unemployment crisis and the social order for the Winnipeg journal Western Home Monthly . His concern with rising unemployment and sympathy for the unemployed was also made clear by his support of "Trekkers" in 1936. Gordon wrote a pamphlet publicizing the march to eastern Canada by these men from the western relief camps, written in collaboration with the Citizen's Defense Committee.

Retiring from St. Stephen's in 1924, Gordon pursued his interest in international relations and in social and industrial conditions. In 1926, Gordon was invited to attend an international conference of Christian churches, the World Conference on Faith and Order, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Gordon declined to attend, but continued to support the cause of international relations. In 1932, Gordon accepted the invitation to preach the annual sermon before the League of Nations, and then toured Spain with the International Labour Office as a guest of the newly created republic. Gordon's international touring included a visit to Australia and New Zealand for the United Church in 1935.

In his later years, Gordon was honoured with several degrees and awards. In 1919, he was awarded an honourary doctorate of divinity by the University of Glasgow; in 1937, the University of Manitoba awarded him an honourary L.L.D. He was also the recipient of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1935. Gordon continued to write until the last years of his life, embarking an autobiography in 1936. However, he never lived to see the publication of this last work since he died in 1937. One year after his death his autobiography, Postscript to Adventure was published after having been edited and revised by his son, King Gordon.

Charles Gordon's reputation as a writer whose novels depicted and publicized the settling of prairie society has endured among students of Canadian literature. Gordon himself appeared surprised with the success of "Ralph Connor", stating that he never set out to create literature or to become an author. He wrote in his autobiography that "things just came to him and he put them down." Indeed, that which `came to him' has put him down as one of this country's most popular authors with a phenomenally large readership, attracted in part by his stories of the "West" and his "religious motif". Gordon's works have been and will be interpreted in many ways, but remain noted for their descriptive and alluring portrayals of the Canadian prairies at a time of their considerable expansion and settlement, and for the religious and moral principles which they contained.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The first installment of the Gordon papers, consisting of typescripts and handwritten manuscripts of some of his novels, was donated by the family to the University of Manitoba in August 1969. However, the greater bulk of the literary papers and all his other private and career documents were donated in October 1987 to complete the collection.

The records were first divided into non-literary and literary documents reflecting Gordon's separate careers as author and as church minister. Records in the non-literary group were then classified into sections based on subject, each chosen to reflect a particular period in Gordon's career. Records in the literary section consist of Gordon's original manuscripts, publishers' correspondence, and mail from "Ralph Connor" readers.

Records in the non-literary category pertain to Gordon's career as a minister and public figure. They include his personal records consisting largely of biographical material, financial papers, and personal and general correspondence. This section is followed by documents from Gordon's work with the Home and Foreign Mission Offices of the Presbyterian Church. Closely related to these are the records of the aboriginal land claims disputes in British Columbia, grouped under the sction "B. C. Indians." Other categories include "Temperence" and "Prohibition", "Labour and Industry", "Social Service" and "Social Service and Evangelism". These records are associated with the activities of the Presbyterian Church's Board of Social Service and Evangelism, and with the earlier social service and evangelistic work preceding the formal organization of the Social Service Committee.

Documents associated with Gordon's war service may be found in the section "World War I". This section is followed by one titled "Moderatorship" and includes papers and correspondence from Gordon's appointment as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Immediately following are the "Church Union" records, the administrative records and correspondence, pro and con, pertaining to the formation of the United Church in 1925. Two smaller sections follow, one belonging to the 1926 "World Conference on Faith and Order", which deals with international Christian unity, and the other, titled "League of Nations", contains published reports, Gordon's personal papers and correspondence on the League's issues and problems.

Completing this "non-literary section" are Gordon's original sermons and articles which have been grouped together under "Sermons and Addresses". Gordon's published and unpublished articles have been grouped separately under "Articles," which includes writings on religion and Christianity, industrial relations, world peace, war, temperance, and social questions.

The literary works consist of full and partial manuscripts of eighteen of his published novels as well as one unpublished novel and an unpublished play. Found here also is a volume of correspondence with Canadian, American, and British publishing houses, as well as correspondence from readers attesting to the popularity of Gordon's works.

The 1997 accrual consists of two diaries kept by Gordon in 1887 and 1888 recording his experiences in Great Britain and Europe.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 21 series.

  • Biographical, 1892-1948, 1982, n.d.
  • British-Canadian North-West Missions, 1883-1928, predominant 1893-1906
  • Foreign Missions, 1904-1926
  • British Columbia Indians, 1909-1927
  • St. Stephen's Church, 1894-1933
  • Labour and Industry, 1907-1923
  • Temperance, 1902-1927
  • Social Service, 1902-1914
  • Social Service and Evangelism, 1906-1915; n.d.
  • World War I, 1912-1925, n.d.
  • Moderatorship, 1921-1922
  • Church Union, 1912-1934
  • League of Nations, 1921-1923, n.d.
  • World Conference on Faith and Order, 1922-1926
  • Sermons and Addresses, 1883-1934, n.d.
  • Articles, 1921-1932; n.d.
  • Major Publishers, 1897-1938
  • Other Publishers and Magazines, 1899-1937
  • Literary Manuscripts, 1899-1937
  • Literary Fan Mail, 1895-1937
  • Newspaper Clippings, 1892-1937
  • Photograph Collection (PC 76)
  • 1997 Accesssion, 1887-1888

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Restrictions on Use

The collection is open to all responsible users. Patrons must abide by all pertinent Canadian copyright legislation and by all regulations imposed by this Department with respect to the careful use of original manuscript material. No part of this collection may be loaned out, borrowed, or in other ways circulated outside the reading room of Archives & Special Collections, Rm 331, Elizabeth Dafoe Library, The University of Manitoba.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical 1892-1948, 1982, n.d.

Charles Gordon's biographical records consist of his personal and family papers, his financial records, substantial correspondence, and various other records. Most have been grouped by document, but those entitled "Related Topics" have been sorted topically, as a reflection of Gordon's own filing arrangement.

Among the family records are obituaries, reminiscences, tributes and correspondence containing details of Gordon's family history. Some obituaries, news clippings and correspondence provide reminiscences of Gordon's parents, Donald Daniel Gordon and Mary Robertson Gordon, and of two of Gordon's brothers, Gilbert Gordon and Andrew Gordon. Reminiscences of Gordon himself by personal friends and acquaintances are also available. A number of biographical sketches, public tributes, and biographical newspaper and magazine articles provide further information about the life and career of Charles Gordon. The correspondence was gathered by Gordon in preparation of his autobiographical work ”Postscript to Adventure” (1938).

Gordon's financial records consist of statements of his investments and financial assets. These include statements in account with R.M. Thomson of Charles Gordon and of the Garry Investment Company. A few stock and general financial records may also be found here.

Gordon's substantial correspondence is scattered throughout the entire collection according to topic. However, those not easily identifiable by subject or which are more closely biographical and personal are found here, such as the Aberdeen correspondence, letters of sympathy upon Gordon's death, and correspondence from prominent political figures. All have been sorted as incoming, outgoing and related (third party) and have been arranged alphabetically by surname. As there is such a wide variety of correspondence in the entire Gordon Collection, please consult the index for name cross-references.

The "Related Topics" subdivision accommodates records from other phases in Gordon's life and career such as his visit to Australia and New Zealand with the Home Missions Office of the Presbyterian Church. Some of Gordon's honours and awards, particularly his honorary degrees from the University of Glasgow and the University of Manitoba, and the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George are to be found here. So, too, are the records relating to Manitoba College, the Y.M.C.A., and Magna Charta Day. Other groups of records, such as "Gordon Memorial Cottage" and "Cobalt Lake Mining Claim," relate to matters of more personal concern to Gordon. He was responsible for the creation and funding of Gordon Memorial Cottage, a sanatorium, and his brother was directly involved in the controversial land mineral resource dispute over Cobalt Lake in Ontario. Some records of Gordon's radio broadcasts, mostly correspondence from listeners, have been included here, as well as records from his 1933 Canadian Authors' Association visit to London, England. Wherever possible, the order of those records corresponds to Gordon's own file arrangement.

Biographical Sketches:


11 "Chas. W. Gordon, D.D., L.L.D., F.R.S.C."

1 p.

1 "Charles William Gordon, D.D., L.L.D., F.R.S.C."edited in ink,


1 Biographical sketch of Mary R. Robertson, Gordon's mother. Written by Miss L.T. Guilford, classmate of Mary Robertson at Mount Holyoake, 1897

9 pp.



12 "Address of Dr. Wallace at the funeral service Dr. Andrew R. Gordon in Bloor Street Presbyterian Church, Toronto, on Tuesday, December 19, 1916."

2 pp.

2 Clippings upon his death

2 Obituary for Rev. Donald (Daniel) Gordon, Charles Gordon's father.

2 pp.



13 Notebook, "Reminiscences of Rev. C.W. Gordon, B.A., by a Young Prairie Missionary." Edinburgh, May 1894,

30 pp.

3 Reminiscences of R.M. Hamilton, a member of the Student Quintet, on a trip to Scotland and the continent. Feb. 16, 1937.

8 pp.

3 "Happy Memories of Dr. C.W. Gordon by Bernard Woollacott."

3 pp.

3 Untitled reminiscences of Daniel Gordon, author unknown.

4 pp.

Related Documents:


14 Certificate of Charles Gordon's ordination and standing as a Presbyterian Church minister, Nov. 8, 1892, issued following the resignation of his Banff charge in September 1892.

6 Invitation to Gordon from the National Committee for the Celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary of Peace Among English Speaking Peoples, 1915.

5 Envelopes and notebooks containing Gordon's notes from his British Canadian Northwest Mission charge. Arranged by title: Anthracite, Banff congregation, Canmore, Presbytery of Calgary, and untitled.

2 envelopes, 5 notebooks.

6 Cards and certificate of enrolment of Gordon in the Dickens Fellowship. 1913-1915

(3 items)

6 Certificate of registration of Sturdie, Airedale dog belonging to Gordon. 1914

(2 items)

6 Draft of plans for unspecified building.

1 p.

7 Cards, loose leaf paper and copies of "Canada's Word" autographed by Charles Gordon.

(21 items)



18 Typescript of C.B.C. service message by Irene Craig, at the unveiling of a memorial plaque at Ralph Connor House. Feb. 6, 1948.

(2 items)

8 "A Tribute to Dr. Charles Gordon -- Ralph Connor" by Olive Knox.

3 pp.



19 Incoming Correspondence:

Mason, Walt

10 Outgoing Correspondence: 1922-1936

(3 items)

Lane, W.P., 1922

Morrison, Rev. Dr. Charles Clayton, 1934

Thiel, Mrs. Alice Smith, 1936

11 Related Correspondence:

Gordon, D. to Andrew Gordon, 1898

Gordon, Gilbert, to Miss Lucinda Guilford, 1897 (2 items)

Robertson, J.G. to Miss Lucinda Guilford, 1897

Robertson, Mary R., to Miss Lucinda Guilford, (notations on envelopes) 1847 (2 items)

Published Documentation [ca. 1890-1980]

Articles by Charles Gordon:


112 "The Conservation of Ancestors." Western Home Monthly , 1910

12 "Presenting a Problem Through Character." The Editor , 1926

News Clippings:


113 Obituary for Mrs. Mary Gordon (Mary R. Robertson), May 1, 1890

13 Obituary for Janet Grizel Burns, niece of Rev. William Chalmers Burns, minister of Daniel Gordon in Scotland, n.d.

13 Obituary for Margaret M. Robertson, March 31, 1897

(2 items)

14 Obituaries for Charles Gordon, published in the Montreal Gazette , Nov. 1, 1937 and in the Toronto Daily Star , Nov. 6, 1937

(2 items)

15 News clippings and magazine articles about Charles Gordon/Ralph Connor, sorted alphabetically by title.

(16 items)

Pamphlets and Leaflets:


116 "Abraham Lincoln the Christian"

16 "Annual Report," Knox Church, 1906

16 "Books for Gifts." Fleming H. Revell Co.

16 "Church Membership." Gaston Presbyterian Church

16 "Empire Migration and Settlement." by D.C. Lamb

16 "I Can Drink Whiskey or Leave It Alone"

16 "Ralph Connor: An Interpretation of Charles W. Gordon, Author and Man"

17 "Rev. Wm. J. Johnson, D.D., L.L.D."

18 "Saint James Church, 1853-1911, Winnipeg, Manitoba"

19 "St Andrew's Herald." Dec. 1906

19 "The Tenth Presybterian Church. Spruce and Seventeenth Streets, Philadelphia"


116 Periodicals:

Knox Church Monthly , Jan. 1907

Secondary Works:


117 Gordon, Charley. "The Life and Political, Literary, and Religious Works of Charles Gordon and Ralph Connor." First draft of an English term paper.

18 pp

18 McLeod, Gordon D. "The Connor Papers: A Bibliographical Report," 1968,

17 pp.

19 Millar, Bill. "Unfinished Towers: The Social Vision of Charles W. Gordon." Paper submitted to the Historical-Theological Division, Vancouver School of Theology, 1980,

79 pp.

20 Wood, Edward H. "Ralph Connor and the Canadian West." M.A. thesis, University of Saskatchewan, 1975,

98 pp.

Financial Papers:

Estimates and Notice of Payment:


121 Estimate for decorations from T. Eaton Co., Nov. 20, 1914

21 Estimate for letterhead and envelopes from De Montfort Press, April 10, 1915

21 Notice of cheque from the National Home Monthly as payment for article.



122 Incoming Correspondence:

Cottingham, H.H., 1914-1915 (2 items)

Walker, Hebert

23 Incoming Correspondence, Insurance:

Thomson, R.M. 1901-1909 (4 items)

24 Incoming Correspondence, Stock:

Clark, W.E.

Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Hamilton, W.H.

Mitchell, S.H.

Pomfret, B.

Properties and Assets:


125 Assets of the Metropolitan Realty Co., Jan. 1, 1907

25 Properties of the Metropolitan Realty Co. Jan. 1, 1907

Power of Attorney:

Document appointing power of attorney by Charles Gordon to John Murray Clark, 1901.

Quarterly Statements:


127 Quarterly statements from St. Stephen's-Broadway United Church, to Gordon. 1937

(4 items)

Receipts and Subscriptions from:


128 R.M. Thomson, 1900-1903

(9 items)

28 The Winnipeg Community Chest, 1931

28 Assorted subscriptions and pledges.

(3 items)



129 Statement of the Garry Investment Company in account with R.M. Thomson, 1905-1910

(8 items)

32 Statements of amounts paid...Andrew Gordon

30 Statement of income for Charles Gordon, 1936,

2 pp.

31 Statement in account with R.M. Thomson, filed chronologically, 1900-1909

(14 items)

32 Draft of deposit made by R.M. Thomson, July 25, 1903,

1 p.

32 Statement of balances outstanding on Greenwood Place, Jan. 2, 1907,

1 p.

32 List of assets of the Garry Investment Co., Jan. 4, 1907,

1 p.

32 Draft list of revenues from publishers,

1 p.

Related Documents - Insurance:


133 Accumulation dividend certificate, Canada Life Assurance Company, June 25, 1915.

33 Application for bonus addition, Canada Life Assurance Company.

33 Continuous instalment policy, Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada.

Related Documents - Mortgage and Trust:


134 Statement re. the Rev. Daniel Gordon Trust, Sept. 9, 1910.

(1 p.)

34 Notice of payment from the Canadian Mortgage Association, May 15, 1915.

Related Documents - Stock:


135 Notice of dividend on the stock of the Sovereign Bank of Canada, 1907

35 Copy of correspondence from Matthew A. Parker to the Carbon Oil Works Ltd., 1909

35 Summary of claims for the Carbon Oil Works Ltd. treatment of soft wood with tar-oil preservative.

35 Prospectus of Western Newspaper Ltd.

35 Copy of by-laws concerning the Carbon Oil Works Ltd., Winnipeg,

14 pp.

Personal Documents:


2 "Address of Appreciation" scroll presented to Charles Gordon by the Social Service Council of Manitoba on the occasion of his retirement as president of the Council.

(5 items)

Certificate appointing Charles Gordon as chaplain with the honourary rank of Major, April 10, 1910.

Tribute to Charles Gordon from the women of St. Stephen's-Broadway United Congregation.

Documents of award for the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Items include insignia of a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, and the Warrant passed under the Royal Sign Manual.

(3 items)

Aberdeen Correspondence

Incoming Correspondence:


31 Aberdeen & Temair, Ishbel, 1892-1927

(24 items)

1 Adam Smith, Lilian, 1926

1 Adam Smith, George, 1895-1936

(5 items)

1 Cummings, Emily, 1913

(2 items)

Outgoing Correspondence:


31 Aberdeen & Temair, Ishbel, 1914, 1936

(2 items)

Related Correspondence to Lady Aberdeen:


31 Argyle, 1902

1 Bowell, Mackenzie, 1895

1 Macdonald, Rev. J.A. 1898

1 Mathieson, Isabella, 1895-96

(2 items)

Related Correspondence from Lady Aberdeen to:


31 Macdonald, Rev. J.A., n.d.

Acknowledgements and Appreciation


32 Incoming Correspondence:

Barker, Harry H.

Cochrane, Robert B.

Gray, Herbert

March, J.

McIntyre, Freda S.

Pulford, Walter

Ross, W.H.

Stewart, Charlie

Stewart, W. (2 items)

Stump, Werden


unidentifiable (1 item)

3 Outgoing Correspondence:

Burns, Mrs. D.A.

De Mars, C.A.

Ells, Mrs. David E.

Ross, D.M.

Stump, Werden

Thomson, Alexander (see photo #76-7-6)

General Correspondence


34 Incoming Correspondence, A-Car


Acland, F.A.

Aikens, Lady Mary P.

Albert, S.J.

Alexander, Charles M.

Armour, Metta S.

Aylward, Robert

Baird, Penelope C.

Baker, S.D.

Banfield, A.W.

Bienemann, J.A.

Booth, Rachael M.

Booth-Clibborn, Catherine

Brown, Edward

Burdith, Geo.

Burton, Ernest

Bygrave, Leonard

Cairns, D.S. (2 items)

Cairns, W.J.

Calder, John

Cameron, Mrs. Robert S.

Campbell, M.S.

Campbell, Charles Morris

Campbell, J.M. (2 items)

Campbell, R.J. (3 items)

Campbell, Wilfred (2 items)

Campbell, Ysobel

Carmichael, J.A.

Carnegie, Louise W.

Carnegie, Margaret

Carstein, E.J. (2 items)

5 Incoming Correspondence, Cha-Cus:

Chalmers, W.M.

Chandler and Fisher Limited

Chatterson, C.A.

Chisholm, Mrs. E.

Clark, Francis E.

Clark, Fred M., et al.

Clark, William C.

Clark, Wm. Mortimer (2 items)

Cleland, T.H. (2 items)

Clyde, John Baxter

Cochett, W.S.

Colclough, J.H.

Consolidated Plate Glass Company

Cooke, C.H.

Cooke, H. Beecher

Corbett, Mrs. R.S. (2 items)

Corefoot, J.A.

Cotter, A.

Courtenay, J.H. (2 items)

Cowie, Isaac (2 items)

Craig, John S.

Craig, R.W.

Cranston, J.K. (4 items)

Creagh, George

Crichton, Annie C.

Crowe, G.R.

Cusick, Annie

6 Incoming Correspondence, D-F

Daly, T. Mayne

Danby, M. (3 items)

Daniel, Leroy L.

Dare, Fabian

Daughton, I.F.

Davey, H. Ernest

Davidson, John Russell

Davidson, Thomas

Davies, Thurston

Davis, A.

Davis, Geo. T.B. (2 items)

Dawson, C.W.

Dawson, S.E.

Dawson, Dr. W.J. (2 items)

De Conlay, James Jr. (3 items)

De Mars, C.A.

Denison, Frank C. (3 items)

Department of Public Health

Dingle, George S. (7 items)

Doulthwaite, L.C.

Duff, Mrs. James R.

Duncan, H.J. (9 items)

Dunmelow, Rev. I.R.

Duncan, J.M.

Duncan, T.P.

Dunn, G.M.

Dyer, Thomas

Eddy, M.H.

Ellison-White Celebrity Bureau

Ewing, Geo. R.

Fallis, Geo. O. (2 items)

Fleming, Archibald

Foster, C.B. (2 items)

Fotheringham, R.H.

Fowler, A.

Frew, Robert (2 items)

7 Incoming Correspondence, G-K:

Gabriel, Samuel

Gaebelien, Arno C.

Gandier, Alfred

Gibb, Robert J.D.

Giffen, R.L.

Gilbert, Bradford Lee (2 items)

Gillespie, Geo. A.S.

Gilmour, Neil (2 items)

Gilroy, A.A.

Gladstone, R.W.

Glennie, Mrs. J.A.

Gold, W.F. (2 items)

Gordon, Daniel M.

Gordon, W.M.

Gorsuch, Charles

Gosnell, B.

Gray, R.

Guilford, Lucinda T.

Gunn, John S.A.

Halderwood, W.

Hamilton, Fred C.

Hamilton, R.M. (2 items)

Hamilton, W.T. (2 items)

Hartley, F.J.

Hartman, Frederick S. (3 items)

Hawley, A.T.

Hayes, C.D.

Hayward, R.H.

Herridge, W.T. (3 items)

Hill, Rev. John Clark (2 items)

Hodges, Miss L.B.

Hodnett, William

Hoffmann, Miss M.E. Tony (2 items)

Holt, Charles S.

Honeyman, T.

Howe, M.A.

Huestis, A.E.

Hughes, J.F.

Hutton, Maurice

Katsuuft, R.T.

Kennedy, Mary L.

Kerr, Fred (2 items)

Kerr, James

Kidd, W.J.

Kilpatrick, T.B.

Kingdon, Kathleen M.

8 Incoming Correspondence, L-M:

Lait, Agnes C.

Leonard, A.R. (2 items)

Leslie, John (2 items)

Lewis, A.W.

Lindsay, W.B.

Macdonald, A.

Macdonald, A.F.

Macdonald, Pirie

Macgregor, John

Mackay, J.S. (2 items)

Mackay, John

Mackay, R.P.

Mackinnon, Clarence

Macmillan, Rev. J.W. (2 items)

MacTavish, Newton

Maddock, Mrs. H.E.

Main, E. Edwin

Malkowich, Joseph

Marbury, Elisabeth

Marchan, Rev. James (2 items)

Marvin, George

Mason, Walt

Massey, Denton

Mather, W.

McCulla, John B.

McCormick, W.J.

McDonnell, W.R.

McFodgen, John E.

McIlwraith, Jean N.

McIntyre, Mr.

McIntyre, D.C. (2 items)

McLachlan, D.N.

McLeod, Edith (3 items)

McMullen, W.T.

McPherson, C.E.

McQueen, Duke

McRae, J.D.

McCrossan, T. J.

McWhitney, Rev. W.

Mengus, L.K.

Menzies, A.D.

Mighton, Frank C.

Mitchell, J.B. (3 items)

Moffat, John W. (2 items)

Moody, W.R. (2 items)

Moore, Lola D.

Moore, S.J.

Morgan, Osborne L.

Mowat, A.W.

Munro, Bessie

Murray, A. Gordon

Murray, S.C.

Murray, Rev. T.M. et al.

9 Incoming Correspondence, N-S:

Nehman, John

Noble, James B. (4 items)

Palmer, Kate

Parker, Gilbert

Phillips Publishing Co.

Pidgeon, E. Leslie (3 items)

Pidgeon, Rev. Geo. (2 items)

Pollock, J.S.

Porter, R.J.

Puttee, A.W.

Quigley, May C. (see photo #76-7-5)

Rice, Ethel M.R.

Rice, Wm. A.

Ross, Christina B.

Ross, D.A.

Ross, D.W.

Rowley, C.W.

Salling, M.P.

Sansom, C.

Scammell, E.H.

Sedgwick, Thos., et al.

Shackleton, Emily M.

Shearer, Wm.

Shiras, Geo.

Simmons, J.T.

Simpson, C.H.

Smart, James A.

Smith, Arthur

Smith, Fredrick L.

Soulser, H.T.

Speer, Robert E. (3 items)

Spence, R.E.

Spicer, Evan

Spurgeon, H.G.

Stephenson, E.F.

Stewart, Charles

Stewart, W.

Stevens, Angus P.

Stidger, Wm. L. (5 items)

Sutton, H.A.

Swanson, John David

10 Incoming Correspondence, T-Z:

Thomson, J.J.C.

Thomson, Jamie C.

Thomson, L.

Thompson, Wm.

Tibb, R.C.

Trumball, C.G.

Turnbull, G.

Turrit, George S.

Walton, W.

Warburton, W.C.

Waugh, Rick

West, Paul C.

Whidden, Howard P. (2 items)

White, George D.

Whyte, W.

Wiley, Franklin B.

Wilson, A.J. (3 items)

Wilson, J.

Wood, E.M.

Woollacott, Bernard


41 Outgoing Correspondence, A-L:

Acland, F.A.

Alexander Charles M.

Ashford, H.E.

Bell, Dr.

Bennett, C.W.

Bonnell, J.S.

Brown, Edward

Cairns, W.J.

Clay, C. (2 items)

Cragg, G.R.

Davidson, Harry

Duncan, H.J. (10 items)

Dyer, Thos.

Edmison, George A.

Fallis, Geo. O. (2 items)

Frew, Robert

Gass, J.O.

Gibben, Mr.

Hamilton, R.M.

Jones, J. Phillips

Kinley, David

Laird, Robert

Lang, Rev. David

Laymen's Committee

2 Outgoing Correspondence, M-Z:

Macdonald, J.A.

MacGregor, D.C.

Mackay, J.S.

MacMillan, A. (2 items)

Maris, Marvin E.

McGregor, Dr.

McKay, Donald D.

McLachlan, D.N.

McLoed, M. J.

McLeod, Edith

McMillan, F.L.

Niven, J. Mackie

Pidgeon, George (4 items)

Pooley, Ross A.

Shearer, J.G.

Staddon, George

Stewart, Charles (4 items)

Sutton, H.A.

Swanson, John Donald

Stidger, Wm. L. (3 items)

Wade, F.C.

Ward, J.W.G.

Wilkins, Mrs. R.

Willett, George W. (3 items)

Wilson, A.J.

Winnipeg Telegram (2 items)

Circulars (3 items)

3 Related Correspondence

Burgin, G.

de Mille, Cecil B.

King, John M. to Helen

Macdonald, A.J. to the Family Herald and Weekly Star

MacDonald, Ishbel A. to Julius

Members of Manitoba College to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Canada

McCallum, Jean to May Nichols

Riddell, W.H. to Toronto Weekly Star

Shearer, J.G. to Rev. A.W. Sinclair

Weaver, Stanley to Rev. R.M. Dickey

Unidentified letters and fragments (10 items)

Invitations to Speak


44 Incoming Correspondence:

Bartlett, J.W.

Breeden, H.O.

Brown, A.

Christy Cairns, W.J.

Clements, Gordon T.C.

Connor, Leartus

Darling, H. Maurice

Davis, J.M.

Davis, W.W.

Denmen, Harry

Edgar, P.

Evans, Louis (2 items)

Gordon, Daniel M.

Green, W.J.

Herron, Scheryler F.


James W.

Iverach, Wm.

La Pang, Edgar London, J.

MacKenzie, A. Cameron (2 items)

Marshall, A.B.

Mathew, S.S.

McArthur, W.G.

McEwan, Ishbel

McKechnie, J.G.

Northcott, H. Clifford

Nusbaum, Cyrus S.

Palmer, A.E.

Phelps, Arthur

Register, I. Layton (2 items)

Robertson, J.S.

Rogers, Gerald

Salter, E.

Shaw, James H.

Sherman, L.L.

Shissler-Chase Co.

Smith, A. Lloyd

Smith, G. Watt

Wilson, R.W.

Wiltsie, George B.

5 Outgoing Correspondence:

Bartlett, J.W.

Denman, Harry

Hibbert, Joseph

Phelps, Arthur

Rogers, Gerald

Smith, A.L.

Zwicker, J.H.

5 Related Correspondence:

McCallum, Jean to Gordon T.C. Clements

McCallum, Jean to G. Watt Smith

Letters of Sympathy Upon Death of Charles Gordon, 1937

Written in an Official Capacity:


46 Augustine United Church of Canada - Young Men's Hebrew Association 1937

(61 items)

Addressed to Mrs. Gordon and Family:


47 A - F, 1937

(106 items)

8 G - Mylius 1937

(112 items)

9 MacDiarmid - R, [ 1937 ]

(98 items)

10 S - Z, 1937

(63 items)


51 Addressed to Helen Gordon: Annie - Thomson, [ 1937 ]

(53 items)

Related Documentation:


54 List of Names and Addresses of Letters of Condolence

(3 items)

4 List of Names and Addresses of Answered Letters of Condolence

2 Addressed to King Gordon: Aiken - Wylie, 1937

(101 items)

3 Addressed to Alison Gordon: Allen - Woodley, 1937

(12 items)

3 Addressed to Ashie Gordon: Eileen - Young, 1937

(9 items)

3 Addressed to Lois Gordon: Florence - Warren, 1937

(7 items)

3 Addressed to Mary: Agnes - Hill, 1937

(2 items)

3 Addressed to Ruth: Adams - Young, 1937

(38 items)

3 Addressed to Miss Gordon: Byers - Weis 1937

(6 items)

Personal/Biographical Correspondence


55 Incoming Correspondence:

Bagshaw, Emma L.

Bridgeman, S.E.

Coulter, M.R.

Edmison, J.H. (2 items)

Farquharson, Janet N.

Ferguson, Mrs. Gordon

Fleet, C.J.

Fleet, Isabelle R.

Gordon(?), Alice

Gordon, John (2 items)

Gordon, Gilbert

Louis, Freda K.

MacKinnon, Clarence

Macpherson, Susie

Mulford, Ren (2 items)

Munro, R.A. (2 items)

Murray, Charles

Murrie, B.

Park, Susan G.

Tibb, R. Campbell

Spicer, Evan

Smith, Albert

Thomson, R. (3 items)


Wilkins, W.T.

6 Outgoing Correspondence:

Coulter, M.R.

Edmison, J.G. (2 items)

Gordon, John

Gordon, Marjorie

McCardell, William

Murray, Charles

Murray, Helen

Political Correspondence 1905-1937


57 Incoming Correspondence: 1905-1937

Bole, D.W., 1905

Borden, Sir Robert L. 1915 - 1918 (3 items)

Carter, M. Bouham, 1914

Charlesworth, Hector, 1935

Fielding, W.S., 1906

Fraser, Alexander, 1910, 1922 (3 items)

Hamilton, J.W., 1928 (2 items)

King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1905 © 1930 (5 items)

MacDonald, J. Ramsay, 1928 - 1932 (4 items)

MacDonald, Malcolm, 1933 - 1936 (3 items)

Meighen, Arthur, 1914

Orr, William H., 1905

Perkin, Gilbert, 1913 - 1914 (2 items)

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1906 - 1918 (8 items)

Sifton, G., 1905

Tweedsmuir, 1935 - 1937 (4 items)

Wallington, E.W., 1914

Wilson, Woodrow (3 items)

Witherow, James M., 1920

7 Outgoing Correspondence: 1910-1937

Bennett, R.B., 1937

Cameron, D.C., 1910

Ferguson, G.F., 1937

Fraser, Alexander, 1922 (2 items)

Herridge, Rev. W.T., 1914

King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1928 - 1937 (2 items)

Laut, Agnes, 1912

MacDonald, Malcolm, 1937

Meighen, Arthur, 1914 (2 items)

Pidgeon, Rev. George C., 1924

Witherow, James M., 1920

7 Related Publications:

(4 items)

Related Topics: Australia and New Zealand


61 Incoming Correspondence

Baird, Hugh

Barber, A.A.

Barns, Ernest

Boyce, Willard Beatrice

Brittain, J.I.

Cain, James H.

Campbell, A.E.

Ciselle, Truda

Clarkson, A.E.

Douglas, Charles

Guise, G.F. (2 items)

Holmes, Harry N. (2 items)

Hughes, J.G. Duncan

Laughton, J.G.

Macgregor, L.R.

Mackenzie, John

Mary Jane

Peckham, Theo C.

Reid, Andrew

Thomas, M.S.

Wakenshaw, Nina

Wallace, E.W.

Young, J.C.

Unidentifiable, (1 item)

2 Outgoing Correspondence:

Baird, Heather

Barber, A.A.

Barns, Ernest

Benson, Irving

Campbell, A.P.

Gibbon, J. Murray (2 items)

Plowman, Mrs. R.B.

Robinson, J.L.

Thomas, M.S.

Wakenshaw, Nina

Wallace, E. W.

Watson, R.S.

Williams, W.J.

Young, J.C.

3 Related Correspondence:

Barclay, A.J. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Cain, James H. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Dunstan, A. to Dean of Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Johnson, R.C. to Faculty of Divinity of Victoria Univ.

Lyons, J.A. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Moore, T. Albert to "Whom it May Concern" 1932 (2 items)

Wales, A.S. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Extract of letter from Sir Robert Anderson

Extract of letter from Rev. John McKensie [sic]

4 Related and Published Documents:

Two pages of a typed article on New Zealand.

News clipping about the Maori Missions

Canadian Authors' Association


65 Incoming Correspondence: Tranter, Gladdie Foy

Related Documents:


65 Proposed itinerary and programme of the London visit of the Canadian Authors' Association, 1933.

4 pp.

5 Invitation to the luncheon in honour of the visit to England of the Canadian Authors' Association, 1933.

5 Itinerary of meetings and receptions of the London visit of the Canadian Authors' Association, 1933.

3 pp.

Cobalt Lake Mining Claim 1905-1909



66 Copy, memorandum re: Cobalt Lake, June 26, 1906.

6 Copy, ruling, memorandum, correspondence re: Cobalt Lake, 1905-1906.

3 pp.

6 Memorandum re: Bed of Cobalt Lake, July 11, 1906.

11 pp.

6 Copy, Cobalt Lake "Memorandum regarding statements to the Legislature which secured the passing of the Act affecting the title to Cobalt Lake".

13 pp.

6 "Memorandum for Prof. Goldwin Smith in regard to the judgement in the Cobalt Lake Case".

3 pp.



67 Copy, mining statutes.

2 pp.

7 Agreement, purchase of Florence Mining Co. Ltd., capital stock, 1906.

7 Copy, statement of claim, The Florence Mining Co. Ltd. vs The Cobalt Lake Mining Co. Ltd. Issued, Dec. 29, 1906.

6 pp.

7 Copy, oath sworn by Robert Magee in the Cobalt Lake Claim, June 29, 1906.

1 p.

7 Copy, oath sworn by George Gillespie in Cobalt Lake Claim, June 29, 1906.

2 pp.


68 Incoming Correspondence:

Clark, J.M., 1906-1909 (57 items)

Whitney, J.P., 1906 (2 items)

Whyte, W.W., 1908

8 Outgoing Correspondence:

Aylesworth, A.B., 1907

Clark, Wm. Mortimer, 1906

Cochrane, Frank, 1907 (2 items)

Dicey, A.V., 1908

Foy, J.J., 1907 (2 items)

Laurier, Wilfrid, 1907

Macdonald, J.A., 1906

Ross, Senator G.W., 1909

Whitney, J.P., 1907

9 Related Correspondence:

Crooks, A.E., 1906

Foy, J.J., n.d.

Fraser, W.W., 1907

Hobson, J., 1907-1909 (4 items)

Maw, H.W., 1907

10 Published Documents: News clippings and printed matter.

(9 items)

Gordon Memorial Cottage


611 Reports: Report to the Sanatorium Committee on the selection of a site in Manitoba for a sanatorium.

5 pp.

12 Incoming Correspondence:

Bruce, William

Frampton, T.C.

Raton, J.M.

Stephen, Geo

Stewart, D.A.

Wood, E.M. (14 items)

14 Related Documents:

Plans for Gordon Memorial Cottage (2 items)

Bills for expenses re: Gordon Memorial Cottage (6 items)

13 Outgoing Correspondence: Wood, E.M.

(2 items)

Honorary Doctorate, University of Glasgow


615 Incoming Correspondence: Milligan, George

(2 items)

Honorary Doctorate, University of Manitoba


616 Incoming Correspondence: Smith, Sidney

16 Outgoing Correspondence: Smith, Sidney

16 Printed Documents: Programme of the University of Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee Celebration,


Honorary Offices


617 Incoming Correspondence:

17 Outgoing Correspondence: Webb, R.W.

Laymen's Meetings


618 Incoming Correspondence:

Baragh, G.B.

Bayne, E.E.

Gordon, J.

Hutchison, N.S.

Jackson, Joseph L.

Lawton, A.E.

MacDougall, D.W.

Mackie, George O. (2 items)

Sword, W.B.

18 Outgoing Correspondence: Mackie, George O.

19 Related Documents: Notebook titled "Notes of Laymen's meeting, Dec. 30, 1930." Loose pages of names, addresses and notes are inserted. 1930

Magna Charta Day


620 Incoming Correspondence:

Hamilton, J.W. (9 items)

Johnson, W.J. (2 items)

Johnstone, W.J.

Rattray, J.G.

Sladen, W.F.

Stockdill, C.E.

21 Outgoing Correspondence:

Byng, Lord

Hamilton, J.W. (9 items)

Johnson, W.J.

Johnstone, W.J.

Rattray, J.G.

Sladen, W.F.

Stockdill, C.E.

Related Documents


622 Article, "International Magna Charta Day Association. A Statement of Progress."

5 pp.

22 Untitled statement by Gordon approving Magna Charta Day.

1 p.


623 Published Documents:

(4 items)

"An Annual commemoration by the Seven English Speaking Nations." By J.W. Hamilton.

"Magna Charta Day. Our Common Political Heritage." By J.W. Hamilton.

"A Memorial Day for the Empire: May 30." By J.W. Hamilton.

"World Peace Postage: 'The Peace Ballot Stamp'." By J.W. Hamilton.

Manitoba College


624 Incoming Correspondence:

Carmichael, J.A. (2 itms)

Freeman, E.G.D.

Kilpatrick, T.B.

Polson, Samuel and D.W. McKerchar

Saunderson, H.H.

24 Outgoing Correspondence:

Brown, Edward (3 items)

Kerr, F.W. (2 items)

Riddell, J.H.



625 "Report of the Galacian Class 1908-1909."

25 "Report of Special Committee Appointed to Enquire into Relations Existing Between Professor F.W. Kerr, Knox Church, Winnipeg and Manitoba College."

2 pp.

Charles William Gordon, pen name Ralph Connor, clergyman, novelist (b in Glengarry Cy, Canada W 13 Sept 1860; d at Winnipeg 31 Oct 1937). The most successful Canadian novelist in the early 20th century, Gordon used literature as a pulpit to preach his energetic branch of "red-blooded Christianity.

Charles William Gordon, pen name Ralph Connor, clergyman, novelist (b in Glengarry Cy, Canada W 13 Sept 1860; d at Winnipeg 31 Oct 1937). The most successful Canadian novelist in the early 20th century, Gordon used literature as a pulpit to preach his energetic branch of "red-blooded Christianity." Educated at the Universities of Toronto and Edinburgh, he was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1890 and undertook mission work for 3 years in the Banff, Alberta, area before becoming a pastor in Winnipeg.

In 1897, as a fund-raising effort, he published some short stories about mission work in the West, and with their success he began producing best-selling western novels such as The Sky Pilot (1899) and The Prospector (1904). These early novels are fast-paced, sentimental melodramas, with stereotyped characters dramatizing the conflict between good and evil in frontier settings presided over by exemplary churchmen.

The greatest influence on Gordon after his mother was Dr James Robertson, the Presbyterian superintendent of missions in the West, whose biography Gordon wrote in 1908. Gordon also published several novels set in Glengarry County, including Glengarry School Days (1902), in which he recreated the history of settlement there.

During WWI, after serving in France as chaplain to the Canadian forces, Major Gordon toured the US speaking in favour of American participation in the war. His novels then and afterwards were broader in scope and setting, more bluntly didactic in applying theology to modern society, and less popular than his westerns. Returning to Winnipeg, he chaired the Manitoba Council of Industry for 4 years after the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and negotiated in numerous labour disputes. In 1921 he became moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and helped form the United Church in 1925. His autobiography, Postscript to Adventure, was published posthumously in 1938.

Suggested Reading

  • Ralph Connor, The Man from Glengarry (2nd ed, 1960) and The Prospector (1904).

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