Year 5 Homework Grids

The purpose of homework at Wattle Park Primary School is to:


  • support the school program
  • respond to each child's specific needs
  • involve parents in their children's learning


We conducted a review of our homework policy in 2012. This was done through parent forums, teacher discussion and in conjunction with the education committee and the school council. Based on the feedback from all participants we updated our policy which you can read here.


As part of this new policy, we are trialling Homework Grids this term. This is based on the work of educational expert Dr Ian Lillico.


Homework will be done on a weekly basis from Monday to Monday. It will be consistent across each year level. See below for a more detailed explanation of the homework grid for each year level (it varies between year levels, increasing in complexity as the students move through the school.) Also included are example homework grids.


Background Information for Parents on the Homework Grid


Foundation to Year 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6


Example Homework Grids


Foundation Homework Grid

Year 1 Homework Grid

Year 2 Homework Grid

Year 3 Homework Grid

Year 4 Homework Grid

Year 5 and 6 Homework Grid


For more information, please discuss with your classroom teacher.


SPELLINGMATHSENGLISHSCIENCEHSIEPDHPEWrite your spelling listout each night usingthe look, say, cover,write, check method.Make sure you useyour best handwritingand your work is setout neatlySubtraction

Write and solve 20subtraction sums usingthe following numbers.3 078, 2 906, 32 078,11000, 21 987, 109 098,6670, 23 990, 888 888,

You must show all working out including trading! e.g.

19 14 

204 -137 67 

Home Reading

Continue to read mostnights at home for atleast 10 minutes. Makesure your parents orcarers sign your readingchart so you can collectstamps and certificateswhen you reach targets.

Blobz Guide to ElectricCircuits

You’ll have fun doing thistask! Go to the play Blobz Guide toElectric Circuits. Makesure you read the info, trythe activity and the quizfor all 5 sections. When you have completed all 5sections ask Mum or Dad tosign this space.Signed:__________ 

Indonesian IndependenceDay

Read the and completethe worksheet -Indonesian

Cybersmart Quiz take the‘How Cybersmart R U?’quiz. Write your 16answers in yourhomework book

Write 6 sentencesusing your spelling list.Make sure you writethe heading Sentencesand write the date.Don’t forget capitalletters and full stops!!!(6 sentences for thewhole week NOT 6sentences per night).


Roll a die 20 times andrecord the numberrolled each time in atable. Then record thisinformation in a columngraph showing thetotals for numbers 1 to6. Use a ruler! Thenwrite the totals foreach number as afraction either out of20 or in its lowest forme.g. 4 = 1

20 5

Books or TV

Read the persuasionprompt fromwww.mrlund56.weebly.comThen write a persuasion(exposition) online

Who can Resist?

Play the game ‘Who canResist?’ writea list of the conductors andinsulators. Then answer thefollowing question: Whatmakes a good conductor?

5 Days in Bali

Use the links fromhttp://www.bali-paradise.comto researchthe many touristactivities on the island ofBali. Download andcomplete the worksheet -5 Days in Bali


Watch the 6 CyberQuollepisodes write aparagraph for eachepisode that outlinestips for beingcybersmart while usingthe internet

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